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Verdenergia srl is a young and dynamic company and is powered 100% by using renewable energy.
We produce plants in our greenhouses and our land, mostly cultivating in vases and guaranteeing safe rooting. Moreover, given our geographic position our cultivations are resistant to the cold as they are acclimatised in North Eastern Italy.
We have chosen to sell our products only ON LINE in order to satisfy a large number of customer offering swift delivery and favourable prices.
Furthermore in 2018 products with the VERDECANAPA trademark will be available with the opening of brand and franchising shops.
We are able to deliver within 48-72 hours from order (subject to availability) to ensure a quick and safe delivery to our customers (except in rare cases due to overlapping orders).


The Cannabis sativa plants that grow in the wild produce numerous organic compounds such as THC and CBD, just to name a few. Just like may other plant species today grown by man, even Cannabis has been selected and hybridised with the purpose of obtaining specific molecules with more or less elevated concentrations, for a wide variety of purposes.

We cultivate Biological Cannabis Sativa in Italy.

These hybridisation processes have transformed the original plant, giving life to different varieties of Cannabis with different qualities (just think of Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, artificially produced from wild Brassica). In this last decade, the object has been to create a variety of "Cannabis" with a high THC content,  neglecting all the other potentially beneficial compounds.
On the other hand, instead, the varieties of cannabis have been selected for years for the purpose of fostering their qualities in the industrial field and to increase their CBD concentration, at the expense of THC, giving rise to LEGAL CANNABIS with a very low THC content and high CBD content.