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Hemp Liqueur 0.5lt

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A craft product, derived from high quality hemp selected by hand, without any kind of chemical or synthetic adjuvant, maintains the flavours and aromas of Cannabis Sativa L, ideal as a digestive.

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Hemp Liquor 50 cl

Hemp Liqueur was born in Campania in the Guarnera farm, from the best Canapa Sativa L leaves, rigorously selected in manual way, in authorized plantations and without any type of chemical product.
It is an infusion made without additives, synthetic extracts or added dyes.
The color of hemp liqueur is a natural color, neither too light nor too heavy, and it is from its color that we can immediately understand that it is a natural product of the highest quality.
Ideal as a digestive at the end of the meal, to be served obviously iced, it has also won over the palates of the most reluctant to the news.
It has no psychotropic or astonishing effects, but as soon as you taste it, you will remain Stupefatti!
Ingredients: alcoholic infusion of hemp leaves.
Alcohol degree: 30%.
Content: 50 cl.