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100% BIO ACTIVATOR 250g Biomagno

100% BIO ACTIVATOR is a fluid organic fertilizer based on plant extracts with polysaccharides, noble proteins and amino acids with a...
-10% €8.22 €9.13

Hemp Beer TURN 33cl

"Turn" is brewed using natural hemp with a low THC content. The characteristic aroma of the hemp flower is preserved by a special...
-20% €2.95 €3.69

Hemp flour smooth 500g

Hemp flour is made out of hemp seeds, therefore, it contains a high-level of easily digestible proteins edestin and albumin, all...

Hemp oil BIO extra virgin 500ml

Hemp seed oil 500ml is a cold-pressed oil from hemp seeds of the highest quality and therefore it carries all their beneficial...
-10% €17.74 €19.71

Hemp seasoning Provence 30g

A mix of hemp and aromatic Provence herbs together with Himalayan salt gives dishes a typical Mediterranean taste and aroma.

Hemp seeds hulled BIO 150g

BIO hemp seeds come from ecologically certified agriculture. Hemp seeds are the healthiest and most nutritious food for the human body....

INDIA CBD Hemp Oil 50ml

Hemp oil is produced from cannabis sativa with increased CBD content. Does not contain artificial additives. Cold-pressed (unrefined)....

INDIA Shampoo with Black...

Picturesque Polesie is home for more than a hundred species of herbs. Herbalist Oleksandr have chosen the ones that suits best daily...